Insomniac Reviews: Trials of a Teenage Werevulture

Now the story of how I found this book is not all that random. It popped up in my email one day from instafreebie and the synopsis was intriguing plus it had a poc heroine and honestly, how could I resist finding how more? So, obviously I replied to the email and slowly tackled the story which if you’re curious I gave 5 stars too.
Now before we get to the actual review can we please take a moment of silence to appreciate those perfectly amazing books that help us get out of reading slumps?
Trials of a Teenage Werevulture was not a book I expected to enjoy as much as I did but the intriguing synopsis had me curious and itching to read it. Now, I’ve read quite a few books about werewolves and shapeshifters but I’ve never read a book with this many clans or different types of creatures before. I will say that the whole last name of a character being what clean they were in was a bit hard to get used to but tbh that was my only complaint in regards to the story. Lisette was an extremely relatable companion, someone who I could have definitely been friends with in high school.
Her best friend Kegan was also exceptionally relatable and honestly their friendship moments were some of the scenes I lived for (the one where they’d planned to swap clothes and pretend to be each other was glorious) and honestly, it was the strong friendship as well as the strong familial bonds that made me enjoy this story more than if it were some run of the mill adventure story, which it wasn’t.

Not only was Lisette an extremely relatable character but she was also as badass as one would expect a teenager to be which wasn’t very. She wasn’t the best flyer or the cleanest person and she didn’t read every single thing she was supposed to. She had times where she put herself first, pouted and was an overall nusiance but she also learned from her mistakes and grew as a character and eventually even grew to accept herself.

She did what she had to in order to protect the ones she loved and ultimately ended up saving the day on accident. Overall the story was a surprisingly fun and quick read and I’m very excited to read the sequel and see what Emily Martha Sorensen has to offer.

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