Top Five Wednesday: Favorite Side Ships

Hi guys,

It’s Top Five Wednesday time again! Aren’t you excited? I am extremely excited because this week’s topic is favorite side ships and boy do I have a few of them. Alas, this is only a top 5 list so I won’t be able to regale you with all my favorites just yet but don’t worry- I’m sure I’ll be able to provide you with plenty of my favorite ships (side and main) in the future. Now let’s get down to business (to defeat the Huns)

5. Image result for willow and oz gif

Willow and Oz from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I mean come on, do you guys even have to ask why? Those two were so dorky and cute and just fantabulous that I couldn’t help but love and ship them. Now, this in no way means that I didn’t ship Willow with Tara because I did- a lot- I just happened to not be watching as much Buffy at that time and as a teen, I was more than just a little obsessed with Oz.

4. Image result for lafeyette and angel gif

Lafayette and Jesus from True Blood. To be completely and utterly honest with you guys, Lafayette was my favorite character in True Blood. He was flamboyantly amazing, unashamed and purely badass. I loved him so much as a character and just wanted my baby to be happy and free always. Jesus provided that happiness and I loved him for it and tbh I cried when his character exited the show.

3. Image result for tonks and remus gif

Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin from Harry Potter. I know, I know, there are some people who don’t ship them at all due to shipping Wolfstar but I was one of the people who shipped Tonks and Remus to the core and tbh they were one of the few canon ships I really cared about in the book.

2. Image result for klaus and caroline gif

Klaus and Caroline from The Vampire Diaries. Come on, who didn’t ship them? I mean, they were freaking amazing for each other, oozed chemistry out their ears and he drew her a picture of a horse. Honest to God, they were too cute for words and I hope they’re able to get their perfect happy ever after one day because they deserve it.

  1. Image result for magnus and alec gif

Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood from The Immortal Instruments series. Okay so, I’m cheating a little with this one because I’ve only read the first two books and am at the point where their romance is just really beginning but I really enjoy them all the same and for reals, this ship is my ship for me and that series. My super OTP if you will.

Well, there you have it my top five side ships. Feel free to comment down below and tell me what some of your favorite side ships are cause trust me, I wanna know. Seriously, I could talk about ships all day long.


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