Top 5 Wednesday: Books for Your Hogwarts House

Hi guys and welcome to another top 5 wednesday.

Top 5 Wednesday is a Goodreads group created by Gingerreadslainey that is currently  hosted by Samantha of ThoughtsOnTomes. The topic for this week is one that made me think quite a bit as I consider myself to be a Hogwarts hybrid, a slytherpuff if you will. Yes, I am a pretty even mix between a Slytherin and a Hufflepuff and if you ask me that’s pretty awesome because come on cunning and loyalty? That’s pretty cool.

Anyways it took some time for me to figure out which books would adequately represent my Hogwarts house and while I’m not entirely sure whether I’m doing a good job by listing these books or not, I still feel like they work fairly well so let’s get down to it:
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5. the Nancy Drew series. Yes, I am aware of how strange it is to mention this series. I mean, we’re going back old school here but when it comes right down to it the central characters were nothing if not loyal to each other. Nancy and her friends were there for each other almost always throughout the story and it took a whole lot of cunning to solve those mysteries, especially the ones where dangerous criminals were considered which let’s face it was almost always.

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4. The Anna Dressed in Blood series. Even though I’ve only read the first book in this series I don’t think I have to tell you how much cunning it takes to hunt ghosts for a living. You think the Scooby Doo gang set out with no clue what to do? Ok well, a little over half of them didn’t even though Scooby and Shaggy themselves seemed like they had no clue at all. The same thing can be said for Cas who shows a whole lot of cunning and later even some surprising loyalty throughout the book.

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3. Don’t ask me why but I’ve always pictured Hufflepuff house as this huge friendly family and while the characters in Firebug aren’t the friendliest people all the time they are family. Trust me, they’re super steadfastly loyal to each other and would protect each other until the end- and the main character feels like she’d be a Slytherin to me.

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2. I picked the Hollows series because while the main character sometimes feels like she’d be a Gryffindor the book houses one of my favorite would be Hufflepuff characters right along with one of my favorite would be Slytherins and they all live in a house together which I feel like is something Hogwarts could really learn from. Screw, house only common rooms do the co-house thing.

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  1. My number one pick is the Artemis Fowl series because the main character is a cunning as balls criminal mastermind and while I think I’d consider him more of a Slytherclaw, the whole book series is about learning what loyalty and friendship are and honestly you guys, to me those are two of the things that are super fundamental to what being a Hufflepuff is about.

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