Top 5 Wednesday: Fandoms I’m No Longer In

Hello guys,

It’s time for another Top Five Wednesday post. I missed the last one due to the hellacious thing that is online college.

The topic for this week is fandoms. Not just any fandoms either but the fandoms we are no longer in and goodness- does this get the feels flowing.

I’m going to start this with fandoms that I am sort of in but not actively and then go into fandoms that I am no longer in at all (for reasons).

5. Doctor Who

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Yeah, I know it’s weird but it’s also true. Me, a former diehard Doctor Who fan is no longer an active participant in the Doctor Who fandom. I used to watch the show every day and would sometimes repeat seasons. I’ve honestly watched Nine’s season about 5 times and up to Ten’s season with Martha almost as much- but something happened once I got through Matt and finally managed to catch a glimpse of the Twelfth Doctor- I realized that I didn’t enjoy Clara nearly as much as other companions and was, in fact, enjoying her even less with Twelve, through no fault of his.

Now a bit of time has passed and I know that Twelve is leaving soon but I don’t feel that urgency to catch up. Maybe I will someday but then again, maybe I’ll just decide to step back for good. Who knows? Get it? Who knows.

4. Supernatural

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In all honesty, there are plenty of reasons as to why I’m not a super active participant in the Supernatural fandom anymore. There is a lack of representation in the show, queerbaiting, filler seasons (or every other seasonal suckage) and other things- but to be completely honest my main reason for not being in any hurry to continue is that it is so flipping long. Seriously, I think I’m going to be 50 years old and the show will still be going with the characters lying on their deathbeds refusing to give up the ghost for completely unnecessary reasons.

3. The L Word

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The L Word was one of the first real fandoms that I joined actively. It was the first fandom for a show where I read fanfiction, obsessed over characters/ships and just repeatedly watched episodes/seasons over and over again. And then season 6 happened. Season 6 of the L Word is something that still hurts me to this day because it was the worst thing I had ever witnessed from a t.v. show. Sure, my OTP finally got together but was it really that cool when everyone suddenly started hating it and then each of the characters seemed to become a suspect in one-half of the OTP’s death including the other half of said OTP? Yeah, I didn’t think so either which is why I personally never finished the show. Once my OTP was together and I had become aware of the hell they were going to go through I decided to quit and in my head they’re happy.

2. Pretty Little Liars

Now I will always be mad at Pretty Little Liars. It was such a good show up until I think it was season 6 when they wrapped up the mystery of who A was. It was just so good- so good. And then they had to go and fuck it up with time jumps and dumbassery. I mean really did we need another A? I don’t think so.

And Number 1. The Vampire Diaries

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I feel like I might have to explain myself a bit on this one. Provide you with some background information if you will. Elena Gilbert is not my favorite t.v. show character. In fact, she is probably somewhere on the list of my least favorite characters of all time. However, I adored all other characters in the show. I especially loved Bonnie and Damon (and yes I shipped them together). I did like Elena with Stefan- they had a connection which was super deep and amazing even as friends. Damon and Elena (to me) only seemed to have lust and really awesome sex scenes… But beside the point- when Elena had her whole coffin experience I thought that it’d be time for them to take the show in a newer better direction but instead, they kept bringing up her name over and over as if we could forget she existed and just went about killing lesbians off and doing horrible time jumps like they’re ok and then there was that weird plot where Caroline was pregnant with children that weren’t even hers biologically… I quit three episodes away from the end of season 7 and I will never go back.


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