Insomniac Reviews: Trials of a Teenage Werevulture

Now the story of how I found this book is not all that random. It popped up in my email one day from instafreebie and the synopsis was intriguing plus it had a poc heroine and honestly, how could I resist finding how more? So, obviously I replied to the email and slowly tackled the story which if you’re curious I gave 5 stars too.
Now before we get to the actual review can we please take a moment of silence to appreciate those perfectly amazing books that help us get out of reading slumps?
Trials of a Teenage Werevulture was not a book I expected to enjoy as much as I did but the intriguing synopsis had me curious and itching to read it. Now, I’ve read quite a few books about werewolves and shapeshifters but I’ve never read a book with this many clans or different types of creatures before. I will say that the whole last name of a character being what clean they were in was a bit hard to get used to but tbh that was my only complaint in regards to the story. Lisette was an extremely relatable companion, someone who I could have definitely been friends with in high school.
Her best friend Kegan was also exceptionally relatable and honestly their friendship moments were some of the scenes I lived for (the one where they’d planned to swap clothes and pretend to be each other was glorious) and honestly, it was the strong friendship as well as the strong familial bonds that made me enjoy this story more than if it were some run of the mill adventure story, which it wasn’t.

Not only was Lisette an extremely relatable character but she was also as badass as one would expect a teenager to be which wasn’t very. She wasn’t the best flyer or the cleanest person and she didn’t read every single thing she was supposed to. She had times where she put herself first, pouted and was an overall nusiance but she also learned from her mistakes and grew as a character and eventually even grew to accept herself.

She did what she had to in order to protect the ones she loved and ultimately ended up saving the day on accident. Overall the story was a surprisingly fun and quick read and I’m very excited to read the sequel and see what Emily Martha Sorensen has to offer.

Top Five Wednesday: Favorite Side Ships

Hi guys,

It’s Top Five Wednesday time again! Aren’t you excited? I am extremely excited because this week’s topic is favorite side ships and boy do I have a few of them. Alas, this is only a top 5 list so I won’t be able to regale you with all my favorites just yet but don’t worry- I’m sure I’ll be able to provide you with plenty of my favorite ships (side and main) in the future. Now let’s get down to business (to defeat the Huns)

5. Image result for willow and oz gif

Willow and Oz from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I mean come on, do you guys even have to ask why? Those two were so dorky and cute and just fantabulous that I couldn’t help but love and ship them. Now, this in no way means that I didn’t ship Willow with Tara because I did- a lot- I just happened to not be watching as much Buffy at that time and as a teen, I was more than just a little obsessed with Oz.

4. Image result for lafeyette and angel gif

Lafayette and Jesus from True Blood. To be completely and utterly honest with you guys, Lafayette was my favorite character in True Blood. He was flamboyantly amazing, unashamed and purely badass. I loved him so much as a character and just wanted my baby to be happy and free always. Jesus provided that happiness and I loved him for it and tbh I cried when his character exited the show.

3. Image result for tonks and remus gif

Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin from Harry Potter. I know, I know, there are some people who don’t ship them at all due to shipping Wolfstar but I was one of the people who shipped Tonks and Remus to the core and tbh they were one of the few canon ships I really cared about in the book.

2. Image result for klaus and caroline gif

Klaus and Caroline from The Vampire Diaries. Come on, who didn’t ship them? I mean, they were freaking amazing for each other, oozed chemistry out their ears and he drew her a picture of a horse. Honest to God, they were too cute for words and I hope they’re able to get their perfect happy ever after one day because they deserve it.

  1. Image result for magnus and alec gif

Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood from The Immortal Instruments series. Okay so, I’m cheating a little with this one because I’ve only read the first two books and am at the point where their romance is just really beginning but I really enjoy them all the same and for reals, this ship is my ship for me and that series. My super OTP if you will.

Well, there you have it my top five side ships. Feel free to comment down below and tell me what some of your favorite side ships are cause trust me, I wanna know. Seriously, I could talk about ships all day long.

Check Out My T-Shirt!

Hey Guys,

I’m just popping in to tell you all about my recent t-shirt purchase. Payday was a couple weeks ago and as usual I wandered to redbubble which just so happens to be a site that I am very much addicted to and well, I was there to buy stickers except I saw this shirt:

Obviously, I didn’t even hesitate to spend the 25 dollars because I needed the shirt. I needed it very badly.

My experience with RedBubble was insanely good as it usually is. The shirt arrived yesterdat and there was no flaw at all in it or the packaging and I got a free sticker with it which is something I cannot complain about in the slightest.

So guys, what do you think about my new shirt? Isn’t it fabulous?

May Book Haul

Hi guys!

I wanted to tell you all about my May book haul which is honestly pretty overdue. You see, I’d tried making a video but ended up not enjoying how it looked too much to post it on youtube but I did take pictures so let’s jump right in:


I went a bit crazy in May. I was very much in a manga mood last month and I think the image above shows that. Quick rundown of what I bought:

The first three volumes of Haikyu. Haikyu is a manga series that I probably would not have heard of outside of YouTube. I’m not someone who is very into sports manga and while I can’t tell you much about it I can give you a brief synopsis of what I do know- it’s a volleyball centric manga series that focuses on a boy who has always wanted to best his rival but ends up having to learn how to work with him instead due to their ending up on the same team. Yeah, that’s all I know and frankly, I’m perfectly fine with that. I’ve peaked at the art and it looks amazing and I’ve heard really, really good things so yeah- definitely looking forward to reading the volumes that I bought.

I also purchased or rather repurchased the fifth volumes of both Magical x Miracle and Demon Diary which also happen to be two of the very first manga series that I’d ever purchased ever. Demon Diary centers on Raenef a former street urchin who finds out that he’s the new demon lord and Eclipse the right hand of the former demon lord who ends up being his teacher. It also centers on their adventures together and the fact that Raenef is not at all demon lord material. He’s more of a floating penguins sort of guy and tbh if you ever read the manga you’ll know why I refer to him in that context.

Magical x Miracle centers around a girl named Merleawe who arrives in the Kingdom of Viegald to attend magic school. It just so happens that she arrives just after the Great Wizard Slythfarn has gone missing who she happens to look exactly alike which means a huge conspiracy is begun where she has to impersonate him which can’t be all that hard, can it?

I also purchased the entire Eerie Queerie manga series which is an awesome yaoi series that involves a guy named Mitsuo who can see, communicate and occasionally be possessed by ghosts. This special ability leads to a lot of crazy adventures in the four volume series and the addition of a romantic interest or several makes things even more interesting and (hilariously) fun.

And to finish up the manga part of my haul I bought the first volumes of Death Note, XXX Holic, Kamichama Karin, Secret Devil Chan, Interviews with Monster Girls, Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne and Full Moon.

Kamichama Karin is about a girl who discovers that her mother’s ring can turn her into a goddess. It’s such a fluffy cute series that touches on some sensitive subjects in a really nice way. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys the magical girl genre.

Now I’ve never read Kamiaze Kaito Jeanne before but apparently, it’s about a girl who is an ordinary person during the day but the reincarnation of Joan of Arc by night. Definitely an interesting synopsis right there.

Death Note is one of those series that everyone knows the synopsis of but I’ve never actually read it. I have watched the anime though, twice in English and once in Japanese but for those who have no idea what it’s about- Death Note is about a guy who ends up with a book called a Death Note and whoever’s name ends up written in the Death Note dies. This obviously leads the main character down a very dark path.

Secret Devil Chan was another manga series that I had heard about on YouTube. It sounded hilarious so I thought I might as well check it out and it was pretty hilarious (just really awkward to read out in public). Basically, a guy wants to lose his virginity so he summons a demon to do the deed with and well, that demon ends up being a he instead of a she which is a major mood killer for our protagonist who ends up trying to find ways to send the very adorable demon back where he came from except he can’t seem to shake him at all. This leads to a lot of interesting and semi-awkward moments which make for a really humorous read.

Now Interviews with Monster Girls is about a guy who lives in a world of Demi-Humans (who prefer to be called Demis) and he’s always wanted to know more about them. Then one day when he’s a teacher at a high school he discovers that there are four demis at the school he teaches at. So obviously our protagonist takes it upon himself to get to know these “monster girls” and honestly, it’s just a really cute story that may or may not be harem centric.

XXX Holic is about a guy haunted by visions of ghosts and spirits who accepts a witch named Yuko’s help when she offers it. Turns out, he’s been tricked to work for her and this employment ends up being nothing like any of his previous jobs.

And there you have it. Those are all of the manga I purchased in the month of May. Now for the books, I feel like instead of giving you a huge summary of each book I’ll list them all and explain why I bought them (if there really is one). Let’s get into it:

In May I bought Peter Darling by Austin Chant, Tithe by Holly Black, The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place by Julie Berry and Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.

I had already read and purchased Peter Darling before in e-book form but I loved it so much that when I had the opportunity to purchase a physical copy of it I jumped on it. It’s an excellent retelling/sequel to Peter Pan by the way and overall something that I really, really enjoyed. Oh and it’s #OwnVoices, features a #TransMC and is just a lovely quick read that I think everyone should check out. I highly doubt you’ll regret it.

Tithe was something that I purchased because I’d heard a lot about it on YouTube and after reading Black Cat by Holly Black I wanted to try something else out of hers. Not sure when I’m going to get a chance to read it but I am very excited to.

Neverwhere was something I purchased because I really wanted to check out one of Neil Gaiman’s adult novels. I adored Coraline by him and while I really, really wanted to read American Gods that book was sadly not in my half priced bookstore.

And for the last book I bought in the month of May, The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place, I bought it because it sounded hilarious. -shrug-



Top 5 Wednesday: Books for Your Hogwarts House

Hi guys and welcome to another top 5 wednesday.

Top 5 Wednesday is a Goodreads group created by Gingerreadslainey that is currently  hosted by Samantha of ThoughtsOnTomes. The topic for this week is one that made me think quite a bit as I consider myself to be a Hogwarts hybrid, a slytherpuff if you will. Yes, I am a pretty even mix between a Slytherin and a Hufflepuff and if you ask me that’s pretty awesome because come on cunning and loyalty? That’s pretty cool.

Anyways it took some time for me to figure out which books would adequately represent my Hogwarts house and while I’m not entirely sure whether I’m doing a good job by listing these books or not, I still feel like they work fairly well so let’s get down to it:
Image result for nancy drew books

5. the Nancy Drew series. Yes, I am aware of how strange it is to mention this series. I mean, we’re going back old school here but when it comes right down to it the central characters were nothing if not loyal to each other. Nancy and her friends were there for each other almost always throughout the story and it took a whole lot of cunning to solve those mysteries, especially the ones where dangerous criminals were considered which let’s face it was almost always.

Image result for anna dressed in blood

4. The Anna Dressed in Blood series. Even though I’ve only read the first book in this series I don’t think I have to tell you how much cunning it takes to hunt ghosts for a living. You think the Scooby Doo gang set out with no clue what to do? Ok well, a little over half of them didn’t even though Scooby and Shaggy themselves seemed like they had no clue at all. The same thing can be said for Cas who shows a whole lot of cunning and later even some surprising loyalty throughout the book.

Image result for firebug lish mcbride

3. Don’t ask me why but I’ve always pictured Hufflepuff house as this huge friendly family and while the characters in Firebug aren’t the friendliest people all the time they are family. Trust me, they’re super steadfastly loyal to each other and would protect each other until the end- and the main character feels like she’d be a Slytherin to me.

Image result for dead witch walking

2. I picked the Hollows series because while the main character sometimes feels like she’d be a Gryffindor the book houses one of my favorite would be Hufflepuff characters right along with one of my favorite would be Slytherins and they all live in a house together which I feel like is something Hogwarts could really learn from. Screw, house only common rooms do the co-house thing.

Image result for artemis fowl

  1. My number one pick is the Artemis Fowl series because the main character is a cunning as balls criminal mastermind and while I think I’d consider him more of a Slytherclaw, the whole book series is about learning what loyalty and friendship are and honestly you guys, to me those are two of the things that are super fundamental to what being a Hufflepuff is about.

Top 5 Wednesday: Fandoms I’m No Longer In

Hello guys,

It’s time for another Top Five Wednesday post. I missed the last one due to the hellacious thing that is online college.

The topic for this week is fandoms. Not just any fandoms either but the fandoms we are no longer in and goodness- does this get the feels flowing.

I’m going to start this with fandoms that I am sort of in but not actively and then go into fandoms that I am no longer in at all (for reasons).

5. Doctor Who

Image result for doctor who gif

Yeah, I know it’s weird but it’s also true. Me, a former diehard Doctor Who fan is no longer an active participant in the Doctor Who fandom. I used to watch the show every day and would sometimes repeat seasons. I’ve honestly watched Nine’s season about 5 times and up to Ten’s season with Martha almost as much- but something happened once I got through Matt and finally managed to catch a glimpse of the Twelfth Doctor- I realized that I didn’t enjoy Clara nearly as much as other companions and was, in fact, enjoying her even less with Twelve, through no fault of his.

Now a bit of time has passed and I know that Twelve is leaving soon but I don’t feel that urgency to catch up. Maybe I will someday but then again, maybe I’ll just decide to step back for good. Who knows? Get it? Who knows.

4. Supernatural

Image result for supernatural gif

In all honesty, there are plenty of reasons as to why I’m not a super active participant in the Supernatural fandom anymore. There is a lack of representation in the show, queerbaiting, filler seasons (or every other seasonal suckage) and other things- but to be completely honest my main reason for not being in any hurry to continue is that it is so flipping long. Seriously, I think I’m going to be 50 years old and the show will still be going with the characters lying on their deathbeds refusing to give up the ghost for completely unnecessary reasons.

3. The L Word

Image result for the l word gif

The L Word was one of the first real fandoms that I joined actively. It was the first fandom for a show where I read fanfiction, obsessed over characters/ships and just repeatedly watched episodes/seasons over and over again. And then season 6 happened. Season 6 of the L Word is something that still hurts me to this day because it was the worst thing I had ever witnessed from a t.v. show. Sure, my OTP finally got together but was it really that cool when everyone suddenly started hating it and then each of the characters seemed to become a suspect in one-half of the OTP’s death including the other half of said OTP? Yeah, I didn’t think so either which is why I personally never finished the show. Once my OTP was together and I had become aware of the hell they were going to go through I decided to quit and in my head they’re happy.

2. Pretty Little Liars

Now I will always be mad at Pretty Little Liars. It was such a good show up until I think it was season 6 when they wrapped up the mystery of who A was. It was just so good- so good. And then they had to go and fuck it up with time jumps and dumbassery. I mean really did we need another A? I don’t think so.

And Number 1. The Vampire Diaries

Image result for vampire diaries gif

I feel like I might have to explain myself a bit on this one. Provide you with some background information if you will. Elena Gilbert is not my favorite t.v. show character. In fact, she is probably somewhere on the list of my least favorite characters of all time. However, I adored all other characters in the show. I especially loved Bonnie and Damon (and yes I shipped them together). I did like Elena with Stefan- they had a connection which was super deep and amazing even as friends. Damon and Elena (to me) only seemed to have lust and really awesome sex scenes… But beside the point- when Elena had her whole coffin experience I thought that it’d be time for them to take the show in a newer better direction but instead, they kept bringing up her name over and over as if we could forget she existed and just went about killing lesbians off and doing horrible time jumps like they’re ok and then there was that weird plot where Caroline was pregnant with children that weren’t even hers biologically… I quit three episodes away from the end of season 7 and I will never go back.