Captive Prince: Mini Series Review

You guys!!!!

I finally finished the Captive Prince trilogy!

It was a long time coming but we’re here now (hehe get it?)

And boy what a ride it was.

For those of you who don’t know the Captive Prince series is about a Prince, Damianos of Akielos, Damen for short who gets taken prisoner by his brother and sent as a slave to the Prince of Vere, who is blonde bombshell Laurent. It details their lives together as they are thrust into a pretty epic plot and are forced to fight for their lives quite a few times. Now, I’m sorry for the really crappy synopsis but this is a series where you can’t say too much without giving away integral parts of the plot away but I will say that-

-The Series is Set in A Homo-Normative society.

-Damen Killed Laurent’s Brother

-The Series is Also Set in a Slave Normative Society

-It Has a Host of Amazing Side and Minor Characters (Jord is a personal fave)

-One of the Main Antagonists Has a Child Sex Slave (I feel like this spoiler is necessary as it can be triggering)

This series is beautiful in a lot of ways. It is also very short and due to that fact, I feel like it is practically impossible to review each book on its own. It is a directly ongoing story with the start of one book occurring directly after the events of the other and it is definitely a romance- but it’s also more than that. The Captive Prince trilogy to me is a series that takes the hate to love trope and gives it new life. It shows that two people can be very much alike despite coming from different backgrounds and that it is always possible to find common ground no matter what obstacles may be in the way. It also deals with consent and when things occur without consent, they are done tastefully, in a way that makes you feel empathic without feeling too cringey. Also, the sex scenes are very well written (not super important but I’ve dealt with really badly written sex scenes that have almost ruined books for me and coming from that, this was sort of nice).

Now that I’ve given my horrible spoiler free review of the Captive Prince trilogy I want to talk about some of my favorite characters, unlikely ships, moments and quotes from the series.

Jord- He is one of Laurent’s most loyal guards if not the most loyal. He is a bit rough around the edges at first but inside he’s rather soft, squishy and fatherly. For real, if he wants to be my dad he’s got the job. I love how protective he is over Laurent despite how cold Laurent can be. I also loved seeing Jord in love even though it didn’t end in the best way.

Nikandros- He’s sort of Damen’s Jord in a way except I think he secretly had a thing for Damen. He’s protective, loyal, badass and kinda funny at times and while he’s only really a character in the last book, I still love him.

Speaking of Jord and Nikandros, those two are my unlikely ship. They remind me of people in a buddy cop type show or a show about two best friends except you end up sort of shipping them despite the fact that you probably aren’t supposed to. I can’t really explain the reason I want them together outside of the fact that I honestly think they are insanely alike and I feel like they’d be able to balance each other out at the same time.

“I lack,” said Laurent, “the easy mannerisms that are usually shared with,” you could see him pushing the words out, “a lover.”
“You lack the easy mannerisms that are usually shared with anyone,” said Damen.”
“Never had he wanted something this badly, and held it in his hands knowing that tomorrow it would be gone, traded for the high cliffs of Ios, and the uncertain future across the border, the chance to stand before his brother, to ask him for all the answers that no longer seemed important. A kingdom, or this.”
“Damen now knew the precise number of arrows Laurent needed to have trained on him in order to shut him up. It was six.”
“I think if I gave you my heart, you would treat it tenderly.”
“You’ve spent a morning with him and you’re warning me off. Just wait,’ said Damen, ‘until ‘Not exactly,’ said Damen.” you’ve spent a full day with him.’
‘You mean that he improves with time?’
‘Not exactly,’ said Damen.”
“There was a man I was supposed to meet. He’s got all these ideas about honour and fair play, and he tries to keep me from doing the wrong thing. But he’s not here right now. Unfortunately for you.”


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